Billy Sunday

Billy Sunday is a great Iowa icon.  When he was 1 month old when his dad died in the Civil War. He was put up for adoption when he 12 years old.  When Billy Sunday got older, he played baseball.  Then one night when he was on the street curb he herd a song that reminded him of his mom.  So Billy Sunday gave up his 500 dollars a month for 83 dollars a month.  Billy Sunday became a Presbyterian minister.  When he went around preaching to everybody, he would get really wild and that’s why everybody gave him so many donations. He would tackle people and shed his coat ad tie and jump on chairs.  Billy  had many sayings and one of my favorite sayings of his is:

“I was breed and born in old Iowa.  I am a rube of the rubes.  I am a hayseed of the hayseeds.  Th malodors of he barnyard are on me and yet it beats Pinaud and Cologate, too.  I have drunk coffee out of a saucer and eaten with my knife. I expect Heaven to be the same”

And no one doubted that Billy was right again.

I read the story of Billy Sunday Tell a Tell of Iowa by Don Doyle Brown.

Photo from flickr from The Library of Congress