Barn Quilts

For our gala, me and my class are making barn quilts.  The seventh grade boys are making one, the seventh grade girls are making one, the eighth grade girls are making one and the eighth grade boys are making one.  We named ours 2016 Four by Four.  We named it this because we will be graduating in the year of 2016.  Each blue wave represents the paths that we will take when we get older.  We will all go our different ways, but we will always be one class, one family.  We are the class of 2016.

 CCBY2.0 mrsdkrebs


This is what it looks like so far.  We still aren’t done yet but here are some of the steps.

First you have to prime a 3/4 in. green treated plywood.

Then you have to find your design.

Next you have to draw and tape your pattern onto the board.  (Using masking tape)

mrsdkrebs CCBY2.0

Then you simply paint the spaces and peal off the tape.

We have lots of fun making these barn quilts and it was a team effort.  From picking out the quilt pattern to taping and painting every little spot, it was lots of fun.  In the process we have gotten covered in paint and laughed a lot.  It couldn’t have been any more fun then what it was.

It was lots of fun but took really long to make.  We all did some painting and made sure we all did and even amount.  No matter what path we take in our future, we will always have each other and we will always be a class and one family.

mrsdkrebs  CCYBY2.0

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