Write Your Own Story

I got this from clipart

I got this from clipart

Write Your Own Story!                                                                                                                    Leave a comment about this picture and make a story about what you believe happened before this picture was taken and what happened after this picture was taken!

I’ll start with a story of my own:

The little girl named Rikki had a cat named Berlin! Berlin had 4 babies but ended up dyeing while she was giving birth to the babies.  Rikki got sad that Berlin died.  She didn’t know that the babies survived though. Rikki’s mom, May, decided to take Rikki on a walk.  Then Rikki’s dad called and said that the kittens survived!  Rikki and May got excited and skipped all the way home!  Rikki named the kittens Berlin Jr., Brandy, Bobby, and Bubbles!

they lived haply ever after!


Now it’s your turn!

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