I am going to challenge everybody who reads this blog post to write a poem as your comment following these guidelines.

  • 3 Stanzas long
  • Must be one same word in all of the stanzas, but you cannot have the same line in all the three.  This word can’t be a familiar word (the, me, and, he,she, or was).  Ex. I would have to have ripple in all three stanzas but I can’t have the line ‘the shimmering ripples’ in all three stanzas.
  • Topic:  Whatever you want to write a poem about.

HERE IS MY POEM (water):

The flowers grow

The wind blows their scent

The grass dances

Next to the trickling water


The water is cold across my toes

The pebbles are slick

The water is shining

Reflecting light into my eyes


The trees bend

They cast shadows on the glimmering water

The sun so bright

Welcome Spring

The Race

I bend over and my hands felt the black pavement underneath me.  “Ready”  I say.  I get down and ready.  “Set!”  I yell as I lift myself up in the air.  “Go!”  I scream and I could hear the gun shoot in the back of my mind. One foot forward, then another.  The speed of lighting.  I’m in  the lead.  They are all behind me and I can see the finish line in the distance.  I hear the cheer of the people.  My feet go faster as I get closer to the finish line.  I feel like I am flying.  I my feet barely touching the ground.  I am on my tipy toes as I run. My breathing speeds up.

One long stride and I cross the finish line.  I hear people scream my name and sweat drip down my face.

I hear them scream my name.  “Moe!  It’s time for supper.”  I look around.  There is no track, there are no fans.  I finish my jog to the house, knowing that when track season comes, I will be ready.


Walking to J&J'S to get chocolate.

For genius hour yesterday, my friends Paris, Krayton and I combined our genius.  We today we mailed off chocolates.   We sent chocolate to Australia, Dubai, South Korea, Argentina and Beijing.  We sent them Snickers and Tootsie Rolls.   We asked them to send us some chocolate in return.  We hope to get some chocolate back in return so that we can compare the taste and the wrappers.  It was lots of fun.

1st:  We combined all of sources and thought of all the people we know around the world.  We thought of all different people to send the chocolate to that would send some back in return.

2nd:  We made a list of the people and got their addresses.

3rd:  We went over to J&J’s and picked up the chocolate.  J&J’s is a gas station by our school.

4th:  We made sure we had the addresses and we wrote them on envelopes.

5th: Then we wrote letters and put them and the chocolates and the letters in the envelope.

6th:  Next we walked to the post office and gave them our envelopes for them to

This project was lots of fun and we are patiently waiting for some chocolate in return.


As you probably know, Whitney Huston died couple days ago.  She died from drugs.  She had a beautiful voice and threw it all away.  So many famous people who have everything going for them, but they throw it away.   They could have so much but they settle for less.  They throw it away.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Whitney Huston and her music, but it could have been prevented.  A couple days ago, a friend of mine made a very good point.  When is the last time someone famous died of old age?  When is the last time someone had a successful carrier until they died of age or retired cause of choice.

One of my favorite singers of all time is Chris LeDoux.  He was a country singer who had everything going for him until he received a kidney transplant.  He went back to his normal life, but was he got diagnosed with cancer.  After radiation and doing everything they could, he lost his battle against his cancer.  There was nothing they could do to save him.  He would have lived a great life if he had the chance to live it.  On the other side though, you have people who have a chance to live that great life but don’t.  They give up everything they have and throw it away.

I don’t think it’s fair that he had no choice to live, but there are people who have the choice to live and don’t.  They choose not to.  Why does this happen?  I don’t know but it does.

Don’t Know Much…

Yesterday my class and I skyped with an author who wrote a series of books.  His name is Kenneth C. Davis.  He wrote a book called Don’t Know Much About History.  And more in the Don’t Know Much About  series.  It was really cool skyping with him and he answered a lot of our questions.

He answered most of our questions about presidents since we are learning about the presidents.  He answered some questions like,

Q. Who is your favorite President?

A.  Abraham Lincon

Q.  What would you do if you were president?

A.  Make school more exciting and bring technology into the schools.  Plus bring the two Parties closer together.

It was really cool talking to him and he is coming out with a new book in September before the election.  The book is called Don’t Know Much About American Presidents.  Check out his web site here.

Above is a picture of the screen.  In the bottom right corner is our class and the picture behind it is Kenneth C. Davis.

Barn Quilts

For our gala, me and my class are making barn quilts.  The seventh grade boys are making one, the seventh grade girls are making one, the eighth grade girls are making one and the eighth grade boys are making one.  We named ours 2016 Four by Four.  We named it this because we will be graduating in the year of 2016.  Each blue wave represents the paths that we will take when we get older.  We will all go our different ways, but we will always be one class, one family.  We are the class of 2016.

 CCBY2.0 mrsdkrebs


This is what it looks like so far.  We still aren’t done yet but here are some of the steps.

First you have to prime a 3/4 in. green treated plywood.

Then you have to find your design.

Next you have to draw and tape your pattern onto the board.  (Using masking tape)

mrsdkrebs CCBY2.0

Then you simply paint the spaces and peal off the tape.

We have lots of fun making these barn quilts and it was a team effort.  From picking out the quilt pattern to taping and painting every little spot, it was lots of fun.  In the process we have gotten covered in paint and laughed a lot.  It couldn’t have been any more fun then what it was.

It was lots of fun but took really long to make.  We all did some painting and made sure we all did and even amount.  No matter what path we take in our future, we will always have each other and we will always be a class and one family.

mrsdkrebs  CCYBY2.0


This is a poem that I wrote.  I was just watching our flag flapping around in the wind on this windy day so I wrote a poem.


The land of the free
The home of the brave
Stand together
Every day

One nation
Under God
Defend us in battle
Save this our home

Equal rights to all
Together til we fall
We stand United as one
Protecting everyone

Tough times come and go
But someday we know
That world peace will come
For everyone

The soldiers that fight
Sometimes fight through the night
They hold their own ground
Til freedom is found

Some live to tell the stories
Others are just stories to tell
Some stand and some fall
Some don’t make it home at all

We all give some
To get where we are
But some gave all
To get us this far

No sacrifice too big
No mountain too tall
No road too long
Yet soldiers do fall

Together one Nation
We stand tall
Our Lady of liberty
Over looking it all

We shall remain
The land of the free
So long as we remain
The home of the brave